A-Rated performance sets the tone for 2023


Carmichael Homes Scotland is committed to building environmentally sustainable and energy-efficient homes into 2023. Coming from a very successful year in 2022, delivering stunning homes across the central belt of Scotland, from the apartments at Queens View in Edinburgh to the beautiful detached family homes in Bridge of Weir.

The close-knit team of expert designers, engineers and builders are passionate about delivering the best homes whilst ensuring they do their bit to help protect the environment.


Carmichael Homes is committed to building all homes to the highest environmental standards. Recognised as one of Scotland's leading builders of sustainable and energy-efficient homes. Carmichael Homes are committed to continuing to lead the way in this area in the years to come, and the team is constantly looking for ways to improve the energy efficiency of the homes.

Carmichael Homes are delighted to be building homes with an A-rated SAP calculation. SAP, or the Standard Assessment Procedure, is a way of measuring a home's energy efficiency. High SAP ratings mean that a home is very energy efficient and will help to lower utility bills. Carmichael Homes is committed to building homes that are not only energy efficient but also stylish and comfortable.


Managing Director Scott Carmichael has worked tirelessly to develop high-calibre homes and is passionate about creating some of the most energy-efficient homes on the market. "Our team is constantly innovating and looking for new ways to improve the energy efficiency of our homes. One way we are doing this is by using innovative building materials and construction methods". The company is committed to building energy-efficient, comfortable, and tastefully designed homes, utilising high-end specifications and state-of-the-art technologies. Carmichael Homes is constantly striving to create homes of the highest quality, and energy efficiency is just one way they propose to lead the way in 2023 with their new homes.

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