Carmichael Homes Offer Green Mortgages on A-Rated EPC Homes: A Step Towards a Sustainable Future

As the UK strives to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, the housing market plays a significant role in this endeavour. As the nation shifts towards greener homes, Carmichael Homes has stepped up to provide eco-conscious buyers with an attractive option - preferential rate green mortgages on their A-rated Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) homes. Let's dive into green mortgages and why they are the right choice for environmentally conscious homebuyers.


What Are Green Mortgages?

Green mortgages reward homeowners who purchase or upgrade their homes to be more energy-efficient. Lenders offer preferential terms such as lower interest rates, cash-back incentives, or increased loan amounts to homebuyers who can prove their property meets specific environmental standards. Carmichael Homes are determined to help new homeowners adopt eco-friendly practices and support the UK's net-zero objective.


Carmichael Homes and Green Mortgages

Through our partners at Mortgage Advice Bureau, Carmichael Homes offer green mortgages on their A-rated EPC homes, making it easier for buyers to secure eco-friendly properties. By opting for a green mortgage, homeowners can enjoy numerous benefits:

  1. Lower interest rates: Green mortgages often come with lower interest rates, resulting in reduced monthly repayments and long-term savings.
  2. Lower energy bills: Energy-efficient homes require less power for heating, cooling, and lighting, translating to reduced energy bills.
  3. Higher property value: As the UK approaches its net-zero target, eco-friendly homes become increasingly desirable and valuable.
  4. Greater stability: Green mortgages hold their value better during economic uncertainty, providing a more secure investment for homeowners.

Eligibility and Options

Carmichael Homes' properties are eligible for a green mortgage as they all have A-rated EPC homes. Homeowners with high EPC ratings can also consider remortgaging onto a green mortgage. This option can free up equity for making energy-efficient upgrades to the property. Of course, standard mortgage lending criteria will still apply.


Final Thoughts

Carmichael Homes reaching an excellent A-rated EPC opens up new opportunities for homebuyers. Offering the perfect opportunity for eco-conscious homebuyers to invest in a sustainable future. With lower interest rates, reduced energy bills, increased property value, and greater stability, green mortgages are a win-win for homeowners and the environment. The time is right to move towards greener living.